The material used in the garment is comfortable and soft.

Like another skin!
The fabric is very elastic so they return to shape and feel sturdy on top.
Due to the high and sturdy waist and high-quality material, the pants stay on very well.

Excellent fit!


Model size XS / S


Material information:

STA.® CO2Control® mark.

Each product with the STA CO2 Control mark is manufactured in a closed production process.

This brand guarantees that products such as leggings - tops and jumpsuits are manufactured in closed production processes that use e.g. recycled and re-purified water.

In the closed process, the products are closely monitored and inspected in a laboratory where it can be verified that there are no defects or extra particles in the material of the product that would be harmful to the skin. This process is certified with the internationally renowned Oeko Tex® brand.

The STA.® CO2Control® label also guarantees that the product uses biodegradable synthetic material as well as non-toxic raw materials.

Baseativa Legging Light Dark Yellow