We have tried to take into account different needs: whether you are a yoga, spurt-loving fitness runner or a successful business woman during the day, active fitnesslady in the evenings, Baseativa offers great sports moments in high-quality sportswear. Sportswear ensures that you do not exercise but experience an enjoyable experience every time!

Baseativa's elastic and breathable jerseys are an absolute must in every woman's workout style. Glittering leggings in neon colors also bend from a jogging path or gym to a casual style where they look stunningly stylish with a hoodie and t-shirt.

So it’s worth everyone investing in sportswear, whether you’re just a Sunday walker or the occasional yoga practitioner, or you train purposefully and systematically several times a week.

Sporty and distinctive sports tights are comfortable to wear and like another skin.

In street-credible sports tricks, jogging through the city streets and moving from the gym home looks good. So say goodbye to your favorite online friends and promotional shirts! The collection features sports jerseys in subdued shades of black and gray, but also entirely in colors such as pink, blue or yellow. Tights that follow the skin stay on with the help of a tight waist.

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